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Virgin Human Hair

All of our Virgin Human Hair can be treated as your own. Virgin Human Hair is 100% natural and therefore can be washed, dyed, straightened, curled etc. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the quality of the hair so that it remains looking healthy and manageable.

Styling Tools

We would recommend that you use a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush when brushing the hair (using gentle soft strokes). Small tooth combs used too harshly can cause pressure on the wefts resulting in unwanted shedding. A further tip would be to always comb or brush your hair upwards from the tips in order to get rid of any tangles. For straightening or curling the hair, we would recommend that whatever straightener you use, try to use a low heat. Just like with your own hair, constant exposure to high heat can cause damage to the hair. A tip to keep straight hair looking sleek and shiny without having to use straighteners every day would be to wrap your hair every night with a satin scarf. A tip for the curly textures would be to plait the hair at night and then in the morning lightly spray the hair with a light leave in conditioner or water. Before styling, we would also advise you to spray the hair with a heat protectant spray.

Washing Hair

It is important to keep the hair clean in order to maintain the luscious texture and shine of the hair. We would advise you to not wash the hair extensions as often as your own hair (perhaps once every 2-3 weeks). It is recommended to apply deep moisturising conditioner to your extensions in order to keep the hair looking extremely shiny and soft. We would recommend you using Dove Intensive Repair as a deep conditioner. A highly recommended shampoo is Pentene Clarifying Shampoo which you can buy from Boots or Superdrug. This shampoo will gently strip the hair of any build up of products,


If you are wearing clip in extensions, we would recommend you to take the clips out at night before sleeping, this is to help maintain the longevity of the hair as well as to prevent discomfort during the night. If the hair is used for a weave, we would recommend wrapping the hair, especially for the straighter textures in order to maintain straight hair (wrap with a satin scarf). Another tip is putting the hair in a bun or simply tying the hair up into a pony tail or plaiting the hair at night to maintain your curls. Always remember to go to sleep with dry hair and gently brush hair before going to bed in order to remove any tangles.